The Sheila blackstar platform is your window to a world wide audience, this is an opportunity to showcase your talent and your wears to the world.
Africa is home to some of fashion industries brightest design talent. To ensure a brand’s survival and success though takes more than raw talent.

It is crucial in today’s market for small businesses to understand their unique selling position and have the vision to grow their business. We furnish you with tools to develop and follow a considered development strategy. Sheila blackstar facilitates this, unlocking creativity and business potential, allowing talented people to gain an international foothold.

Working with the next generation of iconic talented people, Sheila blackstar fast tracks talented people into businesses.

Sheila Blackstar provides expert guidance in the fields of finance, legal, manufacturing and marketing. From strategic advice on progressive business solutions to bespoke mentoring from industry leaders and key influencers. Sheila Blackstar provides the tools to boost brand confidence – for designers, manufacturers and buyers, to ultimately reach economic sustainability.