Why Jewelry enhances the real you.

Jewelry enhances the real you.


You are beautiful, but you can be stunning inside and out. Life is a gift that should be shared with others. It is more important to be inspired by the people you meet and the world around you rather than just being fashion-forward. When it comes to jewelry don′t follow a trend, but instead, follow your own path and purpose in life.

Behind the make-up, the nails, the lashes, ear-rings, neck-laces and bracelets, fashionable clothes, lies the bare you. That’s the meat of the matter (pun intended). Just within the body is the real you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Are you bold and confident, do you love yourself?


You need to believe in yourself, loving yourself and your beauty would shine forth. Its not the skin that defines you, neither is it the jewelry that makes you. You have to feel good about yourself so that others can feel good about you. You have to love yourself so that others can love you. The energy you emit is the energy you attract. Love yourself and others will love you for that. Then put on the mascara, the lashes , the ear-rings , the fashionable clothes and the jewelry.

What makes you shine through is actually what is within. You wear the jewelry, you don’t allow the jewelry wear you. Your beauty,confidence(or whatever it is you want to project) shines forth through the jewelry and we at Sheila Blackstar ltd aren′t just about jewelries but providing opportunities for the inner beauty to expressed outside. So wherever you go,‟ Shine baby shine”. see beautiful jewelry collection here

The noble set - gold

6 beautiful jewels that keep you shining in an event.

Happy new month guys!!! SBS is here again. So, what occasions are you planning on attending this month? “Clothes: check, shoes: check, jeweleries: hmm.” Not to worry, I have specially curated 6 of our exquisite jewelry brands that are sure to make you glamorous for that occasion. Check it out!!!

1 The Queenly set

The queenly set - gold

Modeled similar to the Cleopatra archetype, this mother-load is sure to make you the cynosure of all eyes. Its beautifully crafted wirings over-laid with gold makes for a glittering effect. Wear this to a presidential gathering and trust me, the president is sure to ask for your acquaintance.
I would love to have one.

2. The Awareness Set

The awareness set - green
Hey, every lady needs to look good and this set is sure to make you stand-out. Fitted with green gem-stones and pink overlay (every woman loves pink), it sure would be a good fitting for that pink dress you′ve reserved for special occasions.
Give it to me.

3. The Glamour Set

The red glamour set
Looking for that cutting-edge look that inspires and radiates glamour? We have the glamour set of necklaces for you. Its muti-colored layering make it fitting for any dress colour.
How do i get one?

4. The Brilliance Set

The brilliance set - silver
My oh-my! This is a set of jewelry that moves me. Made of silver, this jewelry set has high luster and its resistance to microbial attack makes it long-lasting. So you can be assured of an ever glowing jewelry that’s sure to make you look radiantly brilliant anywhere you go.
Interesting!!! Get it now

5. Regal Set-Silver

The regal set - silver
This is for Queens. Well, we′ve all got that uniqueness in us that can stand us out as Queens in our own world. Put this on and you’re sure to feel like the Queen that you’ve always been.
i gotta have these!!!

6. The Paragon Set

The paragon set - grey
I’m going to personally name this “the evidence of beauty”. Its sleek wavy design makes for a trance-like awe that is going to make you garner the admiration of your friends. You will not only look grand, you are sure to look grandular.
Give it to me, now!!!

Whatever your style choice or the impression you want to make at any of your occasions for this month and beyond, you are sure to find our jewelery set-list handy. You can also customize any jewelery you want with us. Talk to us. Till we meet again, Shine Baby Shine.

birthday gifts

Top 5 birthday gifts for a special friend.

birthday gifts
Birthdays are special days in our lives that remind us of how far we′ve come of age. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude and celebrate with those who have been with us on this strip of time. Usually, we do have that special ‟some-one″ that means a lot to us and birthdays are opportunities to express how much we value our friends. Check out five of these gifts ‟specially″ curated for you:

1. Bracelets

brass square bracelets

Best friend bracelets are a classic symbol of friendship.  One that has an inscription of a short customized message to that special friend of yours would go a long way in making that statement that ‟you mean so much to me″. You’re in luck. You can contact us now for your customized best-friend bracelet. Not crazy about matching bracelets? You could consider similar bangles that feature her birthstone,nick-name or her initials. Check out these beautiful bracelets

2. Netflix


Yeah, Netflix! Streaming premium television has become a utility. As such, offering to pay her Netflix subscriptions for a year would make you the most practical friend in the universe. Trust me, they will love it.

3. Mugs


Whether you have a ″caffeinated” friend or not, people tend to drink something in the morning before going to work. A customized mug telling your best friend how much you care will go a long way in reminding your best pal how much you mean to him.


birthday cards

This can also be an inexpensive way of showing your friend how much you care. Customized cards with words your friend knows you use on him (in a friendly way) is sure to always provoke a smile on his face whenever he gets to see it.

5. Jewelry


This is a sure way to sweep him(or her) off their feet and evoke that emotion you would love to see in your best pal. Jewelery  belongs to rare class of gifts that when looked at, would always make people gasp. (See some dazzling jewelry collection). Do you want to make her the cynosure of all anywhere she goes, thanks to you?
photo credit - gifting jewelry

Top 5 Reasons for Gifting Jewelry

This is royalty!!!!

photo credit
photo credit

The origin of giving gifts far predates documented history but we sure know that giving gifts have come to be a part of our everyday lives. Ooh! What joy, what ecstasy, what confidence it wells up within you when you receive one.
Gifts always have a way of adding not just physical but also emotional and psychological value. I′m sure you′ll agree to this. Now, has any-one ever gifted you a jeweled necklace? Or have you ever gifted anyone a customised jeweled wrist-watch? What was the reaction? I′m going to be sharing with you 5 reasons why you should gift a jewelry:

• Love: Don′t you just love to love? Having someone you deeply care for and the glint in their eyes when you show them you do. Everybody loves somebody and a better kind of love you can have is for yourself. When you love yourself or someone else dearly, you take time-out to pamper them or show them how much you care and value them. Very often a jewelry given as a gift would make the perfect impression.

• Statement: Are you bold and confident? Do you believe in the beauty that lies within you and you want to make a statement to your world? Or perhaps you want to show how much you value a friend? You can always customize a jewelry and make your statement.

• Appreciative value: the Queen′s crown is over 60years old and its value would keep going higher because of its durability and most especially the sentimental value attached to it. Jewelries have that “special something” they make us feel you know, this would increase its value and the price you would be willing to part with it. So whether it is for keeps or for investment, you always get value.

• Sentimental value: You could easily discard a gifted cloth when torn, you could mistakenly tip over that “special” mug or even wear –out an out-dated expensive shoe? But a jewelry gift? Oh heaven no. A jewelry, though old isn’t easily discarded. Why? You got that right: sentiments. You sure have that grand-mother’s piece of old earrings and you still feel good when you wear them even though they look old. They make you feel like your lovely grand-ma and loving memories well-up once more within you. Jewelries have this unique ability when gifted.

• Spread joy: This is a common intention with all gifts. Your desire would be to see a smile on the face of the person receiving your gift. Would you smile if you gave Kate a bottle of soda on her birthday and she rolls her eyes saying a ‟thank-you″. You want to give something you sure would make a statement and evoke joy in any-one you want to make a happy. This in-turn gives you joy and satisfaction.

So whatever maybe your reason for gifting yourself or someone a jewel you know you are getting something that would definitely stand the test of time and value. I’ll leave you with the words of a commenter on the Guardian:
‟ It’s not about the value, not at all, it’s the sentiment behind the pieces you have.″
To know more about our exquisite collections,  come, let me show you around.