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Several reasons why silk is a wardrope staple

Written by Boluwatife Deborah Ekundayo How much do you know about silk? Have you ever heard of the Silk Road? How silky is your swag?  Permit me to lecture you on the importance of silk and why silk is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Silk is a natural protein fibre.  It exists in different forms, […]

Amazing Shades by Sheila Blackstar

  Take a look at-me oversized shades have for quite some time been de rigueur in Hollywood, where the sun and the glimmer of paparazzi cameras sparkle brilliantly The most recent “it” shades, for winter are limited editions in several shades for the slay queens Sheila black from sheilablackstar ltd just launched the black range […]

How to Care for your Jewelry

How to Care for your Jewelry

How to Care for your Jewelry So you got yourself a set of jewelry from our shine-baby-shine collection and you were wondering “how do I care for my jewelery set?” No problems. In this post, i’ll be showing you how you can effectively care for your jewelery and keep it shining. 1. Keep your shine-baby-shine […]

How Did We Come To Love Jewelry?

How Did We Come To Love Jewelry?

HOW DID WE COME TO LOVE JEWELRY? No kidding. You’re not alone in this. To answer this question, i’ll have to share with you, the history of jewelery.  Jewelery, (any decorative piece worn for personal adornment) has been in use as far as recorded human history. It all began when the early humans began settling into communities. […]

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