Several reasons why silk is a wardrope staple

Written by Boluwatife Deborah Ekundayo

silk fabrics

How much do you know about silk? Have you ever heard of the Silk Road? How silky is your swag?  Permit me to lecture you on the importance of silk and why silk is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Silk is a natural protein fibre.  It exists in different forms, some of which can be made into textile.  A fabric with a thousand years of history, silk is acclaimed for its texture – smooth and lustrous; this makes it comfortable to wear in both winter climates and warmer seasons.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres.  Today, apart from being used to make garments, it has several other uses.  Silk is used in the making of parachutes, as a blanket filling, and nowadays, its usefulness goes as far as being a material in surgical sutures and bicycle tires.  You’d ask me why this is so.

Silk is always regarded as an item of luxury and one of the most commodities traded in the ancient world.  Silk was the tie that brought together Ancient China and the West.  In Ancient China, silk was so highly desirable that it was often used as a currency with equal value to gold, silver and precious stones.  It was so alluring that it managed to travel around ancient civilisations and solidified the trade routes between China and India in the East and Europe and Persia in the West.  Because of the extensive trading of silk between these societies, this network of trade routes became known as the Silk Roads.

Silk stands for the higher things in life.  In the Yoruba culture of West Africa, a specially designed form of silk, known as “aran” in Yoruba is the fabric for the crème of the society, a symbol of wealth and influence.

Silk is medically approved and healthy to wear; because it does not trigger a response from the autoimmune system, it has been used to engineer ligaments and bones from people who have sustained damage to these parts of the body.

Sheila free me tops - women's topsSheila free me tops - women's topsSheila free me tops - women's tops

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Silk has a rich history often signifying strength, influence and wealth.  Only the wealthy and the influential wear it.  Today, modern fashion brands, leveraging on this history and importance, embrace the beauty of ancient silk fabric, designed with the glamour of the 21st century style.  There is never a complete fashion show without showcasing one or two silk pieces.

Silk is versatile.  The fibre has been employed in several creative pieces ranging from making tie and dye, African prints, grand couture and whatever fashion needs.  Take a look at the fashion shows of the big names in fashion, year after year, and you’d agree with me.

It is for this reason that I present to you the Silk Free Me tops (by Sheila Black) which speak poise, class and elegance.  They are free, ready to wear dresses, made of the finest and most beautifully patterned silk fabrics.  They are perfect for all occasions, easy to style and most comfortable.  Your wardrobe is not complete without a few Free Me Tops.

Sheila free me tops - women's topsSheila free me tops - women's topsSheila free me tops - women's tops

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These Free Me Tops can also be tailor-made to meet your particular style demand.  Your wardrobe is about to witness an upgrade.  Just a click to order your Free Me Top, and you’re on your way to the journey of elegance and SILKY FREEDOM.

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FreeMe Top – dress the way you feel, easy breezy and affordable

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FreeMe was created as a brand that expresses my yearning for freedom. After experiencing a verbally abusive relationship I just designed a top which allowed me to “be” the empowered woman that I am. When I wore the FreeMe top it kept me from thinking negatively about my recent past relationship.

Ending a relationship is never an easy decision to make; however, when you’re in an abusive relationship, leaving your partner is even tougher. You have to defeat the fear within and rekindle the hope of living a decent life. And even after you are over it, I realized that I love to be me. I love to be free. Even after healing from the initial shock of a breakup, I found other things that I was freeing myself from just by staying positive and remembering that I am me. I thought to myself, “how can I share this feeling with other women?”

I created FreeMe by Sheila Blackstar to inspire women to be independent, educated and talented. Through FreeMe I encourage women to reinvent themselves and not to let negative or doubting feelings take control. When you forget your fears and come from a place of love for yourself, you come from a place of confidence and good things start to happen.

The FreeMe top is my way of telling me that I can dust myself off, stand up and continue to live in the moment, take action, and move forward. Nothing can beat the feeling of being appreciated for your creativity and hard work, for being who you are meant to become.

FreeMe tops are limited edition creations, made from the most beautiful silk and softest chiffon. The FreeMe top is immensely comfortable and allows for body movement and is smooth, light and feathery on the skin. For all those who are rebels at heart, this top communicates to the world that you’re a free woman. Wear unique designs to a party, event or gathering, or even go out shopping, attend a BBQ or birthday. Surprise your friends and colleagues by literally wearing your attitude.

FreeMe tops by Sheila Blackstar is made for every woman who believes in liberty and wants to live her life on her terms, with love, compassion, and greatness. This is the strength. Abstract and unique art design on the fabrics allow your true attractive and seductive nature to be seen smartly and authentically.

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summer dresses ideas - chic outfits

5 Chic outfits to get this summer

5 Chic outfits you should get this summer summer

The Summer sun is here and the fashion business is at the fore front. At this season, you make your way of life as suitable as ever to beat its harsh sun by wearing reasonable comfortable dresses. In this way, prepare to stack your wardrobe with amazing summer collections. Distinctive styles come catering your use in bar, beach, work environment, parties, lounge, picnics, and holidays.
Here are 4 gorgeous chic outfits ideas you could get this summer.
summer clothes

Summer outfit

summer dresses idea

summer dresses ideas

summer dresses ideas

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summer tops for women - how to dress this summer

How to dress this summer – fashion and beauty

Summer is marvelous and all, however one of the drawbacks is that the hot season is loaded with the most ceremonies. How’s a lady expected to remain cool, comfortable and adorable while sweating pails under the cruel beams of the sun?!

All things considered, there are ways you can have a great time during hot seasons.

First is dresses

Summer dresses are the most straightforward approach to perfect your occasional style. You don’t have to stress over organizing complicated outfits, simply toss it on, include a couple of shoes and a charming bag, and you’re good to go.

Whether you’re choosing something easygoing or a style that is more fancy, a dress is an awesome approach to guarantee you feel certain, and we’ve checked out the web to locate the prettiest ones, so you don’t need to (the pleasure is all mine).

This season, you’re in for a genuine treat, as there’s really a pattern to suit each taste. You can’t overlook gingham of course, and a beautiful bow sundress is an awesome approach to ensure your outfit remains current.

#Free me top

You can wear with sunglasses, necklaces, leggings, skirt, shorts, bikinis, canvas, high heels.

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#Split back

Split back dress

An amazing summer wear, can be worn with jewelries, bikinis, shorts, skirts,  slippers and high heels.

Get ready for the heat with a summer dress. Discover dress for all seasons today at sheila blackstar store.

Plus size ladies dresses

Tops 8 Dressing Ideas for Plus size Ladies

Some plus sizes ladies usually had a lot of clumsy fashion time when the dresses they wear simply don’t compliment them at all. But, having a full figure shouldn’t really make you look ugly as long as you know how to dress your shape well. Truth be told, your shape can make you look truly hot if you know how to dress well.

Plus size dresses

To make things straightforward, we have listed ten unique tips underneath, solely to style and dressing better.

1. To begin, wear your size.

plus size dresses

Some astounding brands focuses in different sorts of women plus size dressing, and you can discover many alternatives as indicated by your preferences and budget.

2. Purchase well-fitting bra

Buy bra that gives your bust adequate support and lifts it far from your belly. This will make you look slimmer as well as more beautiful.

3. Play with materials.

cotton clothes

Colors and textures can change a great deal of things. Rather than attempting a similar sort of materials, attempt more organic fabrics that don’t emphasize the wrong parts of your body. Chiffon is a decent alternative, besides lace. see beautiful chiffon dresses

4. Display a touch of skin at the neck to break the repetitiveness of a substantial expanse of dress which also makes you look huge. A vee-shaped neck area that is not diving will look perfectly.

5. Pick the right designs.

Ruffles and peplum styles won’t not be a decent decision if you have a wider waist. A superior decision is to settle on less difficult styles that help in highlighting the ideal areas. For instance, if you have a less fatty abdominal area, a bridle neck top may help in adding more attention.

6. Buy accessories that match your general size.

For example, small bags won’t look great on you since they will make you look bigger than you really are. The same applies to the jewelry that you put on. Thick necklaces and bracelet will look amazing. If you put on fragile necklaces then you ought to be certain to layer them. See exciting jewelry collection here

7. Uncertain of a dress size?

Thinking about if a specific style will look pleasant on you? All things considered, Order two. Online websites offer simple trade and return alternatives, and you will easily return the size that doesn’t fit you.

8. Finally, break the tone of your dress wherever conceivable.

If you are putting on a long dress, add a belt to cut down the monotony. You can also attempt utilizing body jewelry and low-back slices to keep the glare far from the wrong areas.

If you are a plus size lady, then try to follow the aforementioned points. A right collection of dresses is extremely useful to give you a desired shape. Even, with regards to plus size fashion, there are significantly more alternatives accessible in the market from where you can pick. You can get both on the web and physical stores, offering an extensive variety of dresses, designed particularly for plus size ladies. You can pick the best outfit that compliments your general look and shroud your sagged areas.


summer dressing tips

Summer Dressing Tips for Ladies – Fashion and Beauty

Summer is fantastic and all, but one of the drawbacks is usually very hot and is loaded with the most occasions. How’s a young lady expected to remain cool, relaxed, and adorable while sweating cans under the cruel beams of the sun?!

summer dressing

Ladies have more thought on how to dress attractive during summer because more of the flesh will be on display

To guarantee you generally look awesome here’s our manual for what to wear – and what not to wear – amid these (ideally) moderate summer months.


Wear imperceptible undies with a feeble dress.

free me - cheap summer dress

VPL is overflowing amid the summer as skirts and pants get shorter and more tightly. On the off chance that you plan to wear a summery cloth you have two undies choices: a G-string will guarantee you remain VPL free however pick a size greater for an agreeable fit. If this feels excessively uncovering, attempt shorts-style briefs or those with a tummy-control board, to hold you in all the correct places and give your cloth a smooth outline just like the free me tops.

• Wear a skin tone bra with white T-shirts.

skinned toned bra with white t-shirts

It’s a typical misguided judgment to feel that a white T-shirt ought to be worn with a white bra. Not really. It’s good to wear a skin tone bra, especially when you have a tan, to make your bra seem invisible. Pay special mind to cushioned cups – a key element of the basic T-shirt bra – to avoid humiliating nipple silhouettes and a smooth glass will forestall silky outlines.

• Wear a harmonized bra with a vest top.

Nothing appears more terrible than the strap of an old dark tinged bra ruining the impact of a slinky camisole or sleeveless T-shirt. Nowadays nobody fluttered an eyelid if you streak your bra straps on display – simply ensure they¿re you’re best unmentionables sets and most costly bras! If you’re not persuaded seek out a vest top with an inherent bra.

• Wear right sized T-shirts.

Summer is a period for more body cognizant clothing so discard those unflattering loose T-shirts and rather settle on a more fitted look. Stick to white and dark for an exemplary look worn with suits and pants, and blend in neutrals, for example, khaki and stone for a latest look.

• Take a light jacket with you when you go out.

light jacket

The British climate is excessively flighty, making it impossible to easily go out without some sort of cover-up.

• Get acquainted to sandals.

summer sandals

The first sign of sun and we disregard tights and leggings, however, be careful! While your newly freed feet may look delightfully stripped in strappy scandals, rankles are not a decent look. Toughen up your skin with surgical spirit used morning and night and wear your sans stocking sandals around your home for seven days before going out.


• Wear a short skirt if you have wounds and checks on your legs.

Without the insurance of frigid tights, it’s advised that in case will show your skin to the world then it should be maintained! Fake tan will cover a huge number of sins while spending energy shedding and moisturizing exposed legs and arms will have a significant effect.

• Wear extremely short shorts.

short shorts

Seldom complimenting on any figure, shorts ought to never be extra short. Floating over the knee is an a more complimenting length or if skeptical choose capri pants. Attempt a somewhat looser fit than you would commonly wear. Combat-style cut off jeans look extraordinary combined with a tight T-shirt and flops however don’t significantly consider wearing shorts to the workplace, regardless of how “custom fitted” they appear.

• Wear open toed sandals with chipped nail varnish.

 open toed sandals with chipped nail varnish.

Summer requires honest prepping and feet ought to be your first priority. A week by week ten minute pedicure at home, including nail varnish, will address a huge number of sins. To make toes look shorter utilize darker hues; to focus a tan, apply pale iced colours, or attempt glittery varnish to get the light. Additionally, on the off chance that you plan to wear thongs or flip lemon, get hard skin removed!

hide belly fat

5 Ways to Hide Belly Fat – Women and Fashion

Some ladies hide stomach fat but first let me clear up where your “belly” is.

fat belly

If you have a visible waist, which likely implies that you have Curved Hips then the bit beneath your waist is what is thought to be your ‘belly’.

Regardless of how slim you are if you have a Hourglass or Pear molded body, then you can simply hope to have a marginally rounded belly territory since you are a curvy lady!

Every lady with a similar Body sort can hope to put on weight in a similar kind of place. If you have a curvy hips your extra fat will be kept in your hips, belly and thighs.

There are a couple ways we can hide that undesirable bump or those little love handles.

#1. Stay away from Tight Clothing and Baggy Clothing

wearing tight cloth

Most ladies understand that a clingy top just complements a big belly, but will a huge, loose top shroud a big tummy? The appropriate response is surprisingly, no. A huge, shapeless top will seem free and loose and misrepresent your general size. The way to hitting the nail on the head is to locate a top that fits in the arms and chest and tenderly skims over your belly without being tight. dresses with a touch of built-in stretch will help you improve shape.

#2. An exciting top can hide tummy fat


Good pants and a spectacular top to hide belly fat will dependably do the trick, Choose blouson tops or a side tie in free flowing fabrics, Free A line tunic tops, pleated/flared shirts, trapeze shapes to camouflage, keep color and detail high and darker tones to your base half, slight shaping beneath the bustline is incredible because it accentuates your slimmest point, maintain a strategic distance from clingy fabrics or tight tops which extend over the belly, maintain a strategic distance from gathers specifically underneath the bust which suggests pregnancy. The Free Me Tops from Sheila Blackstar could make you hide belly fat this summer.

#3. Wear a decent bra.

At the point when your breast are hanging low and your belly is sitting high, you get something in the center that resembles a big blob. Hike up the young ladies with a decent bra to abandon some space between your breast and your belly, and see what an enormous difference this makes.

#4. Buy the right size.

shopping clothes

Try not to purchase something too little but don’t buy it too large. Both can have an extremely unflattering impact. Always try on what you purchase (or make sure you can trade it) because the size is very vital. Try not to be embarrassed to take one size above than the typical because that for every dress the cuts are diverse so sizes can vary. The size is only a reference number and it’s not your identity!

#5. Take the Eye Upwards


To avoid people looking down at your belly, divert their look to your neck area and face by wearing the right top. V-necks tops, or tops that have frivolity or some sort of interesting detail at the neck area are an awesome approach to distract. A dazzling jewelry likewise works truly well to put the concentration up top. Shop beautiful jewelry here.

You could burn that belly fat with a detox tea. It’s an ideal way to lose weight so as to buy the clothes you desire.