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My name is Sheila Black (Adetola. Also known as Sheila Blackstar on social media). As a natural entrepreneur and intrepid citizen of the world, I have been fortunate to experience a highly successful career in business and personal empowerment that has extended over 20 years.

I was educated in London, earning a degree in Social Science, majoring in psychology. I then moved to the United States to work as a psychologist for sexually abused children. My seven years working with these children brought me deep fulfillment as I helped them deal with their confusion and mental anguish. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to bring them to a more emotionally secure state of mind. They taught me a great deal about human resiliency that I have never forgotten.

I returned to London in 2000 to work with Molton Brown as an account manager in the cosmetics industry. In that role, I gained a thorough understanding of the business, which I later was able to draw on to launch my own company several years later.

But first, ( the adventurer that I am) I moved to the stunning city of Reykjavik, Iceland for three years where I “loved and lost.” This painful, age-old experience gave me the insight that I now use to counsel others through personal heartbreak.

After returning from Iceland to the U.K., I set up an amazingly successful cosmetics company called VANAINC LTD. Under that label, I sold a product called “elicina,” which is developed from the secretion of the snail. Because my products gained the reputation of being unique and with exceptionally beneficial qualities, my company was featured in some of the world’s most popular magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Men’s Health etc. I sold my shares in 2003 and moved on to the fashion industry in 2004. From 2004-2006, I co-owned a fashion boutique called ELIVAL FASHION INCUBATOR located on Kings Road. I was closely involved as a consultant from its conception to fruition.

Always ready to try something new, I wrote an eBook in 2012, entitled LOVE LIKE RED WINE. It is available on my website (www.lovelikeredwine.com), and I am thrilled with its success! More recently, I worked on several other interesting projects, one being the Ebony and Ivory fusion cooking TV program. Another was my role as part of the team directing Royal starlight PR. I have also consulted on major international deals. You must wonder where I get the courage to keep trying something new. It’s partly due to my optimistic outlook on life – but it’s also due to my spirituality and my belief that we can empower ourselves to do amazing things with our gift of life if we develop the right attitude and faith in our abilities.

My latest work is in providing a platform for emerging businesses through the influence I’ve garnered over the years. An extension of this enterprise is the Healing Health Teas (you sure need to feel good to look good!!!). Take a look around, find something to wear and stand-out wherever you go. Enjoy!!