Several reasons why silk is a wardrope staple

Written by Boluwatife Deborah Ekundayo

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How much do you know about silk? Have you ever heard of the Silk Road? How silky is your swag?  Permit me to lecture you on the importance of silk and why silk is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Silk is a natural protein fibre.  It exists in different forms, some of which can be made into textile.  A fabric with a thousand years of history, silk is acclaimed for its texture – smooth and lustrous; this makes it comfortable to wear in both winter climates and warmer seasons.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres.  Today, apart from being used to make garments, it has several other uses.  Silk is used in the making of parachutes, as a blanket filling, and nowadays, its usefulness goes as far as being a material in surgical sutures and bicycle tires.  You’d ask me why this is so.

Silk is always regarded as an item of luxury and one of the most commodities traded in the ancient world.  Silk was the tie that brought together Ancient China and the West.  In Ancient China, silk was so highly desirable that it was often used as a currency with equal value to gold, silver and precious stones.  It was so alluring that it managed to travel around ancient civilisations and solidified the trade routes between China and India in the East and Europe and Persia in the West.  Because of the extensive trading of silk between these societies, this network of trade routes became known as the Silk Roads.

Silk stands for the higher things in life.  In the Yoruba culture of West Africa, a specially designed form of silk, known as “aran” in Yoruba is the fabric for the crème of the society, a symbol of wealth and influence.

Silk is medically approved and healthy to wear; because it does not trigger a response from the autoimmune system, it has been used to engineer ligaments and bones from people who have sustained damage to these parts of the body.

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Silk has a rich history often signifying strength, influence and wealth.  Only the wealthy and the influential wear it.  Today, modern fashion brands, leveraging on this history and importance, embrace the beauty of ancient silk fabric, designed with the glamour of the 21st century style.  There is never a complete fashion show without showcasing one or two silk pieces.

Silk is versatile.  The fibre has been employed in several creative pieces ranging from making tie and dye, African prints, grand couture and whatever fashion needs.  Take a look at the fashion shows of the big names in fashion, year after year, and you’d agree with me.

It is for this reason that I present to you the Silk Free Me tops (by Sheila Black) which speak poise, class and elegance.  They are free, ready to wear dresses, made of the finest and most beautifully patterned silk fabrics.  They are perfect for all occasions, easy to style and most comfortable.  Your wardrobe is not complete without a few Free Me Tops.

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These Free Me Tops can also be tailor-made to meet your particular style demand.  Your wardrobe is about to witness an upgrade.  Just a click to order your Free Me Top, and you’re on your way to the journey of elegance and SILKY FREEDOM.

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