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Sheila free me tops - women's tops

FreeMe was created as a brand that expresses my yearning for freedom. After experiencing a verbally abusive relationship I just designed a top which allowed me to “be” the empowered woman that I am. When I wore the FreeMe top it kept me from thinking negatively about my recent past relationship.

Ending a relationship is never an easy decision to make; however, when you’re in an abusive relationship, leaving your partner is even tougher. You have to defeat the fear within and rekindle the hope of living a decent life. And even after you are over it, I realized that I love to be me. I love to be free. Even after healing from the initial shock of a breakup, I found other things that I was freeing myself from just by staying positive and remembering that I am me. I thought to myself, “how can I share this feeling with other women?”

I created FreeMe by Sheila Blackstar to inspire women to be independent, educated and talented. Through FreeMe I encourage women to reinvent themselves and not to let negative or doubting feelings take control. When you forget your fears and come from a place of love for yourself, you come from a place of confidence and good things start to happen.

The FreeMe top is my way of telling me that I can dust myself off, stand up and continue to live in the moment, take action, and move forward. Nothing can beat the feeling of being appreciated for your creativity and hard work, for being who you are meant to become.

FreeMe tops are limited edition creations, made from the most beautiful silk and softest chiffon. The FreeMe top is immensely comfortable and allows for body movement and is smooth, light and feathery on the skin. For all those who are rebels at heart, this top communicates to the world that you’re a free woman. Wear unique designs to a party, event or gathering, or even go out shopping, attend a BBQ or birthday. Surprise your friends and colleagues by literally wearing your attitude.

FreeMe tops by Sheila Blackstar is made for every woman who believes in liberty and wants to live her life on her terms, with love, compassion, and greatness. This is the strength. Abstract and unique art design on the fabrics allow your true attractive and seductive nature to be seen smartly and authentically.

You can place your order at our store at any time of the day and take away a piece of freedom in the bag.

I’ve made FreeMe tops just for you, so enjoy your life! Visit our online store at and please take a pic of you in your best FreeMe moment and tag us on Instagram @ #freemetopbysheilablack

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