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Your Jewelry And Your Personality

Your Jewelry And Your Personality

Your Jewelry And Your Personality

Your Jewelry And Your Personality

your jewelry your personality

In my last post, I wrote on how jewelery came about. I also wrote on its uses and the messages they were created to convey as ancient times.

Well, these days we majorly buy jewelries that follow trends. Now don’t go all berserk on me, fashionable trends are fine, but much of what you’ll call trendy have actually existed. For example, the chokers which are beginning to trend (again) have actually been in use since the 90’s. (i’m talking before 1960’s).

One of the ancient uses of jewelery was for identity. Are you passionate and fearless, you probably would love red-gold jewelries. Do you love simplicity and utterly get bored when you see anything complex? Then, get a jewelery with simple designs. You see, jewelery is all about YOU (Your Uniqueness)

Its about what brings out the beauty in you. When I look in your eyes, I see the beauty radiating from within amplified by the beauty without, forming a unique blend of overall awesomeness. Jewelery has a voice and it does speak. Make your  jewelery speak well of you and you never know when your style trends.

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