shades of gold

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Shades of gold

shades of gold

So you love gold, I love gold.  If you don’t love gold, can I see your hands up? (i see no hands, great!!).Gold comes in different colors but did you know pure gold actually has only one true color? Pure gold is very yellow in color. Pure gold is also very malleable( it can be scratched, pounded, bent, stretched, you catch my drift). This makes pure gold not ideal for jewelery especially if you are going to add gemstones to it. Gold in its pure form is 24K(k stands for karat or carat) that is 99.9% gold.

The question now pops to mind: ‟I thought I heard there is white gold”, or ‟I sure have seen pink gold”. Yes, you are definitely spot-on. Infact, i’m going to add mine: there’s blue gold, rose gold, black gold (wait-a-minute, not crude oil) and even green gold. You see, the various other colors of gold jewelry are a product of the various metals used to harden the gold. The Karat(percentage of gold) are usually standardized into:

  • 24k Gold is 99.9% Pure Gold
  • 22k Gold is 91.6% Gold
  • 20k Gold is 83.3% Gold
  • 18k Gold is 75% Gold
  • 14k Gold is 58.5% Gold
  • 10k Gold is 41.7% Gold

In the USA, the gold below 10 karat purity (0.417 gold) is not allowed to be sold as a gold jewelry. The most common types of gold in the U.S is the 14 karat gold. 20 to 22 karat is more desired in Europe.

shades of gold

The various colors of gold you find around you are actually alloys of gold (various metals combined with gold to give its desired color). The Karat nature (purity of gold measurement) is the amount of gold in the jewelry piece. So you can have various colors with different karats (except, of course, 24 karat).

Do you love white gold? White is basically a combination of pure gold with a naturally white metal like nickel, palladium or manganese. Standard white gold is 58.5% gold purity.

I love Green gold. It is a combination of gold and silver. Usually (73% gold).

green gold

Hmmm, ladies love pink, rose and red gold. These types of gold are manifest as a result of combinations (at different percentages) with copper. For example, common rose gold is 75% (18k) gold. Red gold is 12 karat gold (50% gold, 50% copper).  The darker the red, the higher the copper.

I Know you’d love to know about *black gold. ‟Is it gold mixed with crude?”(I can’t help but squeeze in a giggle”. Black gold is gold combined with cobalt. Ideal is 18k with 25% cobalt.

So whatever your choice of gold, you can still get quality gold, spiced with a color variant to give you that exotic look and make you undoubtedly shine. So which would you love to have? You can check out our collections.


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