wedding gifts

Top 5 Wedding Gifts for a Special Friend

wedding gifts

So March may not be a popular month for weddings but now is the time to begin to plan for that best-friend of yours who would be getting married. Having an idea of what your bestie would need and greatly appreciate(even if she has all the money in the world).What then, are the ideal wedding gifts she would need that show you value her and you are joyful she is getting married?(asides what you already know she likes).

1.Household items, gadgets and furniture

home appliances

How would you feel if the very bed you and your newly wed hubby spend the night on was provided by your best-friend. You would definitely swell with pride that “I’ve got a friend that’s got my back no matter what.”  Modern electric appliances are indispensable for a modern household and gifting a key piece may be the way to earn some heartfelt thank you. It could be anything ranging from a Home theater, for entertainment purpose to appliances for the kitchen, like a refrigerator or food processor for a wedding gift.

2. Books

book gifts

Yep! I said it…and i’m going to say it again! Books. There would be so much going on in terms of physical preparations for the wedding and the love at the initial stages of the court-ship to the early months (or years) of the wedding. A time would definitely pop-up that she would have challenges in are marriage(sure you and her had several quarrels but you’re still strong).

A book about relevant challenges and how to tackle them would tell deeply that you want her happiness above your friendship. You’d be her grandma saying “you gotta go out there and make it work”

3.Stock the couple’s post honey-moon fridge

filled fridge


Yeah! She’s had a “fulfilling” honey-moon and trust she’s going to be tired. She gets home trying to take some water from the fridge before going off to the grocery store and you’ve stocked the fridge. If she doesn’t  kiss you through the phone, call me, “I gonna  definitely give her some whoopin”. Next!!!

4. Weekend get-aways

honey moon getaways

Hey! I’m not saying you should break the bank but you sure can spear-head the idea of a honey-moon get-away with her other friends you are(or can be) acquainted with. This would definitely blow her away.(Just remember to put back her pieces as you need her whole.)

5. Jewelry


Need I say more? Getting her a piece of elegantly crafted, enduring jewelry would make her twerk in her dreams. Across diverse cultures, jewelry is a gift that is most associated with weddings. This could range from necklaces to wrist-watch, gold earrings to customized jewelry box. So what jewelry should you buy as wedding gifts?

Remember….This can end up being a pricey choice, but when your best friend in the whole wide world is tying the knot, it really isn’t the time to be frugal.  C’mon, talk to me.

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