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know your jewelry
The necklace is one of the most established types of gems known to man - archeologists have discovered examples made of shells that go back to 28,000 BC. Also, with regards to names of necklace styles, they are as variedd as their lengths. know your jewelry Taking in the dialect - how a lavalier varies from a choker necklace, for example - can help hugely when shopping for a vintage piece or even another one, since these terms still apply to styles being worn today.

1. Bib Necklace

red adventure set This is a kind of substantial, emotional necklace, roundabout or triangular fit as a fiddle. It comprises of a web-like mesh of metal, a base encrusted with stones, or various strands of stones which dangle at consistent or uneven lengths for a periphery like or falling impact. A great degree old style - varieties have been found in seventh century Greek and Roman jewelry - it has been restored occasionally all through history to go with low profile evening outfits. Current terminology characterizes this ...
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How to Care for your Jewelry

care for your jewelry

How to Care for your Jewelry

caring for jewelry So you got yourself a set of jewelry from our shine-baby-shine collection and you were wondering “how do I care for my jewelery set?” No problems. In this post, i’ll be showing you how you can effectively care for your jewelery and keep it shining.

1. Keep your shine-baby-shine jewelery clean and dry

clean jewelry The most practical steps to maintain your jewelery are quite often the easy steps. After that special occasion, having to remove that piece of jewelery, cleaning it with soft dry clothe to maintain its shine might be a tedious task as your body wants to jump right into the shower. It is advisable you clean your jewelery and store it in its case before you hit the showers (as you are likely to tamper it with not-totally-dry hands). And don’t forget, lotions and creams can react chemically to some metals (like copper, brass and bronze).

2. Store your jewelery carefully

store jewelry Maybe you purchased the radiant set and it all looks beautiful, shi...
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Your Jewelry And Your Personality

your jewelry your personality

Your Jewelry And Your Personality

your jewelry your personality In my last post, I wrote on how jewelery came about. I also wrote on its uses and the messages they were created to convey as ancient times. Well, these days we majorly buy jewelries that follow trends. Now don’t go all berserk on me, fashionable trends are fine, but much of what you’ll call trendy have actually existed. For example, the chokers which are beginning to trend (again) have actually been in use since the 90’s. (i’m talking before 1960’s). One of the ancient uses of jewelery was for identity. Are you passionate and fearless, you probably would love red-gold jewelries. Do you love simplicity and utterly get bored when you see anything complex? Then, get a jewelery with simple designs. You see, jewelery is all about YOU (Your Uniqueness) Its about what brings out the beauty in you. When I look in your eyes, I see the beauty radiating from within amplified by the beauty without, forming a unique blend of overal...
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How Did We Come To Love Jewelry?

love jewelry


love jewelry No kidding. You’re not alone in this. To answer this question, i’ll have to share with you, the history of jewelery.  Jewelery, (any decorative piece worn for personal adornment) has been in use as far as recorded human history. It all began when the early humans began settling into communities. In this early period, minerals and metals were not in existence and jewelry items, such as preliminary form of necklaces and bracelets, were made by using bone, animal teeth, shell, wood, and carved stone. But after the discovery and extraction of minerals and metals, people started using gems and metals in jewelry items. These have greatly evolved to the sophisticated gemstones, socketed with utmost precision and worn to weddings and special occasions by you and me (so you see you are making history). Jewelry had always been used as a means of communication- either to accentuate beauty, achievement, class(example being the ancient priest...
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Shades of Gold | Fashion and Beauty

shades of gold

Shades of gold

shades of gold So you love gold, I love gold.  If you don’t love gold, can I see your hands up? (i see no hands, great!!).Gold comes in different colors but did you know pure gold actually has only one true color? Pure gold is very yellow in color. Pure gold is also very malleable( it can be scratched, pounded, bent, stretched, you catch my drift). This makes pure gold not ideal for jewelery especially if you are going to add gemstones to it. Gold in its pure form is 24K(k stands for karat or carat) that is 99.9% gold. The question now pops to mind: ‟I thought I heard there is white gold”, or ‟I sure have seen pink gold”. Yes, you are definitely spot-on. Infact, i’m going to add mine: there’s blue gold, rose gold, black gold (wait-a-minute, not crude oil) and even green gold. You see, the various other colors of gold jewelry are a product of the various metals used to harden the gold. The Karat(percentage of gold) are usually standardized into:
  • 24k Gol...
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